3 Different Levels

1Parents and Toddler (12 months to 3 years)
As responsible parents, we all want that our children are safe. With parent/toddlers lessons we will make sure that your children will be prepared with safety skills in the water. Parents/toddlers course is a lifesaving skill that the child will use through the rest of his life. It has been recently documented that babies that take swimming lessons before the age of 12 months become more peaceful and relax in the water.
Basic objectives: Learn pool rules, blowing bubbles, kick with floatation, float on back for 10 seconds, pool exit and grab pool edge.

2Swim Safe 1
Learning to swim can be a very beneficial lesson in someone's life. There are several times when the knowledge of how to swim comes in handy, and it may even save your life someday. In a swim safe 1 class, the participant will learn skills to be more confident and earn more personal trust in the water. In this class the participant is in a group and must be alone without a present parent.
Basic Objectives: Tummy water entry, blow bubbles, kick and blow bubbles with floatation, floats on back, arm and leg movement with head assistance.

Swim Safe 2
This level teaches the basic components of front crawl (freestyle) and back stroke. It teaches participants to breath with rhythm with a coordination of arm and leg movement.
Basic Objectives: Kick with board towards the instructor, performs arrow with kick, paddles and kicks towards the instructor, front crawl and turns to float on back for 10 seconds, jumps in the water and turns around to grab the edge and performs stream line on back and kick.

3Stroke School 1
Exercise experts say that swimming one mile is the equivalent of running four. Swimming trains your body in breath control, which is great for people who want to build up their endurance. Stroke school 1 teaches us about swimming effectively, this level will teach you how to perform a better and smoother swim stroke.
Basic Objectives: Learn the concept of gliding, side breathing, back stroke arm and leg movement, head first diving and introduction to breaststroke. Also, participants will be able to complete 15 meters of rhythmic swimming with side breathing.

Stroke School 2
In this program all the swimming skills are covered in a creative and fun way. This advanced swim class is almost as a pre-team. Stroke School 2 focuses on the proper technique in breaststroke, freestyle and backstroke. Swimmers in this level will be able to swim 25 meters of each freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke.
Basic Objectives: Learn proper freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke technique, concepts in streamline, gliding and underwater dolphin kick.